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Oil & Gas Field Services


Oil and Gas Field Services



Geophysical Services is a strategic business in BHTC. We are benefitting from well-experienced personnel and well trained graduates, modern and updated hardware equipment and software’s, and well defined management plan to provide the highest data quality. BHTC offer a broad range of services including seismic services, data acquisition, data processing and reservoir interpretation.

Data Acquisition
BHTC provides land 2D and 3D geophysical data acquisition services to international E&P companies. The company specifically performs the work to surveying lands, collecting and recording geophysical data.

BHTC brings together the people, tools, and technology that enable innovative solutions for today’s seismic challenges. We are the first company in Yemen to employ exclusive technology on all high resolution 2-D and 3-D shoots. Our team have large experience in 2D and 3D seismic data acquisition using energy sources such as:

• Vibrators (ION)
• Dynamite

Data processing & interpretation

BHTC has a cooperation agreement with Geophysical Services Center (GSC UK Ltd.) which is delivering a wide range of geophysical & geological (G&G) services for oil & gas industry.

GSC is offering:
• Seismic data Acquisition.
• Seismic data Processing.
• Seismic data interpretation.

Also BHTC is the exclusive agent in Yemen for two international companies:

1- The Geophysics and Geology Department of SOCAR ( The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic).
2- The Branch Join-stock Company Ltd IN RE” in Azerbaijan Republic.

 Which are specialized in:

 Providing technical equipment and personnel for Onshore and Offshore sectors for projects in Seismic data acquisition (20 and 3D), processing, Interpretation. Wireline logging and any other related.

They executed a lot of international studies and projects in many countries and they have all qualifications, experiences and ability to carry out an excellent work at reasonable prices.

 Drilling and completion fluid services

We offer integrated completion fluids services to facilitate each well’s final operations, prior to initiation of production. Fluid Control provides chemicals, filtration equipment enabling you to control your well through precise flow and density settings. The following services are available:

• Completion fluid filtration
• Fluid management and transport
• Mud and brine rental
• Mud and brine plant for safe storage of OBM, WBM and brine
• Reconditioning of drilling and completion fluids
• Fluid analysis

- Well testing and early production facilities

We offer a range of testing and measurement services available, from exploration and appraisal through development to production. Downhole or at the surface about productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure, and temperature. The following services are available:

• Production testing
• Well clean-up
• Extended well testing
• Data acquisition and interpretation
• Fluid sampling and analysis
• Early production facilities

- Cased hole logging services:

The following measurements are available:

• Gamma ray / CCL
• Radial cement bond tools (RBT)
• Multifinger imaging tool (MIT) and magnetic thickness tool (MTT)
• Pulse neutron neutron (PNN) tool
• Production logging tool (PLT)
• Free point indicator

- Open hole logging services:
The following services are available:
• Resistivity
• Porosity
• Density
• Caliper
• Dip logging

- Environmental services

BHTC is offering complete services for the protection and clean-up of the oil and gas industrial environment such as the following:

• Filtration of produced H2O
• Vessel and production tank cleaning
• Feasibility studies
• Site assessment
• Oil waste management and disposal facilities
• Soil remediation

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